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Ruben Blades's Greatest Hits CD Cover

Ruben Blades released Greatest Hits in .Tracks include Plastico w/ Willie Colon, Pedro Navaja w/ Willie Colon and Ligia Elena w/ Willie Colon.The average rating from customers is stars from reviews, and the album is ranked #160426 on Amazon. Read more about Ruben Blades or browse their Ruben Blades CD Covers.

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More popularly known as El Poeta de la Salsa, he revolutionized the sound and more specifically the lyrics of the genre.

Singer, songwriter, actor, politician, and visionary are but a few of the words that describe the lifelong endeavors of Ruben Blades.

his lyrics spoke of the everyday struggles of the working class in Latin America.

His humble beginning from the Fania Records mailroom led to a musical partnership with Willie Colon that forever changed the face and sound of Salsa.

Included in the collection are the very best songs including 'Pedro Nvaja', 'Plastico', 'El Cantante', 'Juan Pachanga' and many more from his greatest era.

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for $11.98

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